Gas filled windows are amongst the most energy efficient windows available on the market, but many consumers aren’t familiar with this type of window and their benefits. So in today’s article from Squeaky Clean Windows and Glass Restoration, a Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex window cleaning and glass repair company, we’ll explore what makes gas filled windows beneficial for your home or business.

What are Gas Filled Windows?

Gas filled windows are double-paned or triple-paned windows, which means that the window has two or three layers of glass, with a small gap between each glass panel.

In the case of windows with gas fill, the air is removed from the space between the glass panes and the void is filled with a clear, odorless, non-flammable gas like argon gas, krypton or xenon gas.

Argon gas, xenon and krypton gas window fills provide optimal thermal insulation and noise insulation. This is because these gases are denser than air and are therefore less efficient at allowing temperature and noise to pass through.

The gas-filled windows are more energy efficient than other varieties. These windows also typically have other energy efficiency features, such as a glazing to prevent UV rays from passing through the glass.

What Happens if the Gas Leaks Out of the Windows?

Gas filled windows have a strong seal that is designed to prevent the gas from escaping. But any damage to the window, such as a crack, a broken pane or an impact that changes a pane’s alignment relative to the seal can allow the argon gas (or another gas type) to escape into the atmosphere. Some lower quality gas filled windows may lose their gas over time.

The most common type of gas window fill is argon gas. Argon gas is odorless, colorless and it comprises a portion of the Earth’s atmosphere. There is no danger to humans or pets in the event that the gas escapes from the window and into the ambient air of the home or business.

Fogging is the easiest and most common sign that the argon gas window fill has leaked out. Once the gas leaks out, air fills the gap between the two window panes. This air contains moisture and when a change in temperature occurs, the moisture in the air condenses, resulting in foggy windows.

So if you’re wondering “Why are my windows fogging?” or if you have just one pane or just one window that’s fogging, while the others remain fog-free, then this is a sure sign that the window’s gas filling has escaped.

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